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In this week’s episode, I share tips and tricks of traveling with kids.
After a vacation that left us homesick and missing our kiddos 8 years ago, my husband and I vowed to take our kiddos on as many vacations with us as possible from then on.
Over the past few years, we have done just that. So, I thought I would pass on my favorite travel hacks I’ve learned while traveling with kids.

First up is flying: I can totally understand how you could be freaked out by the thought of flying with children! I understand. I was too. However, I firmly believe that the younger you start flying with your kids, the easier it will be. Our kiddos were on planes before they were a year old and now are seasoned champs. Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way about flying with

How to keep their ears from hurting:
INFANT: Nurse or provide a bottle for these times
TODDLER: Bring chewy snacks such as gummies
BIG KID: Bring gum

INFANT: A wearable wrap or carrier is the easiest way to get through the airport with a baby.TODDLER: An umbrella stroller is the easiest to get through security and can be checked at the jet bridge. Rideable luggage is great as well!
LITTLE/BIG KID: A personal backpack with pillow, blanket & activities that are airplane friendly.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not the first person to fly with children. If you are seated next to a grumpy person that doesn’t deal well with your fussy baby, that’s on them. As long as you are doing your best to keep your child happy and entertained, you’re doing your job. However, you might
offer to buy them a cocktail…

IPADS: Make sure these are charged & have the airline app installed beforehand.KID HEADPHONES: Earbuds hurt their little ears.
STICKER BOOKS: not coloring books as the crayons roll all over the plane.

Teach your kiddos the value of looking up at the flight attendant and saying please and thank you. A polite child that acknowledges the staff has earned both my kids and myself “on the house” treats. Kids with manners are becoming few and far between. Make sure yours are part of the select few and it might
just earn them a cookie.

Bottom line, I get it. I know that flying with kids can be stressful and exhausting, but at the end of the day, you will be so grateful that you took the trip and made the memories. Just don’t forget to pack your patience…..and an airplane bottle of wine for when you feel like you might lose your mind.

Download A Mom’s Guide To Flying with Kids Here

Book a VRBO or Air B&B rather than an expensive hotel at a resort. This will save money by providing a kitchen you can cook in, plus you have more room to spread out.
Get a condo so that you will have access to swimming pools, grills, etc.

Embassy Suites with adjoining rooms are great for families and have plenty of space to spread out. Ask for mini fridge if you need to refrigerate medicine, formula, or breast milk.
Most hotels have rollaway cribs and you don’t have to bring one from home.
You can also request a microwave if your room doesn’t have one.

Keep everyone’s passports together in a zipper pouch inside of your carry on. Make copies of passports and place in separate carry on (husband’s) just in case something happens.

Customs lines are long. Bring snacks and give the kids electronics. Most of the time, if you and your kids are polite, an attendee will usher you into a less crowded line to get the kids through.

Different cultures = Cultural Differences and this can mean topless women on beaches. Explain to your children that it’s just their culture and to turn their eyes away.

Use these as a time to teach kids historical facts
Google places along the way and tell kids what happened throughout history in that place. Teach them about the geography of the places they visit. Make sure they understand the area they are visiting.

Buy groceries and eat healthy along the way:
Pack lunches and snacks in car. Stop at roadside park to have a picnic.
Stock up on prepared frozen ready to cook meats and vegetables.
Crunchy snacks: almonds, cashews, apples, pickles are great for road trips.

*So much to explore and do for free
*Wild Horses
*Offroading to black beaches
*Green beaches
*Star gazing

Palm Villas @ MAUNA LANI : VRBO
10 minute walk to the Owner’s beach and the best snorkeling found on the entire island.
Stock up on groceries at Foodland (2 minute walk)
*Hotfood counter & sushi bar

Treasure Cay one of National

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