Power Project Episode #67: Life Lessons with Ashton Cantou

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Life Lessons with Ashton Cantou
This week in Episode #67, I sit down with transformational life coach and speaker, Ashton Cantou,. Ashton helps individuals struggling with trauma as well as entrepreneurs get clear on their goals in life, own their power, and take action. She credits her deep understanding of people’s situations and behavior to her personal life lessons and experiences growing up.
Ashton shares how as a little girl she dreamt of becoming a veterinarian or a dancer but realizes these goals may have been imposed upon her rather than what she truly wanted to pursue in life. We take a moment here to discuss our parent’s goals for our lives and what that means to us as adults. She tells us:
“Once we can let go of the need to be approved of by our parents, we really have the freedom to go after our dreams in a way that makes sense to our soul. At the end of the day it’s about love and acceptance and less about validation & approval.”
Ashton discusses with us how she was always passionate about philanthropy and helping others but often times found where her talent would take her, her character could not keep her. She discusses her struggles as a teenager and how she would make decisions that showed that she didn’t truly value her life. Ashton shares with us how the decisions she made presented her as a failure in other peoples eyes, and in turn, that started to become her identity. She says that she felt as if every time she took two steps forward, she consistently took one step back.
“My talent would take me where my character couldn’t keep me I didn’t deem myself worthy.”
Ashton tells us that even in the midst of the fire and turmoil she could recognize the anointing on her life and God‘s work in her journey. Eventually after struggling with her faith for quite some time, she was baptized, left an abusive relationship and began mentoring battered women. She explains to us that this was her point of a literal surrender, and this was where she could see God‘s plan aligning for her life.
“Finding this place of self love and confidence and tapping into my own purpose is why I went through it all.”
She took a job in special ed serving special needs children, has become a life coach, is a motivational speaker, and is soon releasing a social emotional book for teen girls that are struggling with identity self-worth, and value. Having worked with children, Ashton realizes that a young girl’s confidence begins to plummet from the age of 8-14 and hopes that with this book, they can own their beauty and come to a place of self love early in life.

Ashton shares her 3 Greatest Life Lessons with us:
When you lose your joy, you are out of alignment.
Listen to your inner wise woman and quiet the noise.
When experiencing failure, embrace the power off the pivot.

I swear I have the best guests! You can connect with Ashton over on IG @ashtoncantou and check out her LinkTree for her coaching services!
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