Power Project Episode #74: How to Repurpose Content

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How to Repurpose Content
In Episode #74 I’m pulling back the curtain on Marketing on Social Media.
I know it gets overwhelming, but, if people aren’t seeing the content that you’re creating, you’re literally throwing you time and energy away.
A few key takeaways to know:
Your content will not share itself (unless of course it goes viral, but it has to be see for that to ever happen)
Facebook: friends and family *DON’T do business there or your content will be hidden. Create a Facebook page for all business content where you are going to promote/sell and then boost a post for the most visibility.

IG: personal branding and marketing, make sure you have a business or creator account. The amount of your followers is not as important as your engagement rating. Meaning, gone are the days that you follow/unfollow or buy followers. IG wants to see that your followers are interacting with you posts by liking and/or commenting.

LinkdIn: B2B networking, speakers, authors, podcast hosts: write articles Once week: Blog Posts, Industry News, How-To & Lists, Quick Tips, Business Event Photos, Updates about your business

TikTok: the new wild west of social media: remember when you could put anything you want on Instagram and people saw it? Well, that’s how it is on TikTok. There is no algorithm that actively shuts down your content. You can have zero followers and go viral. However, things to know. The majority of users are 12 year old girls…. And they can be ruthless. That being said, producing as much content as possible on TikTok is key and great fro brand awareness. You don’t have to overthink what you shoot, 15 or 60 second videos that get your message across. Make sure that whatever you post either entertains or educates. *Business account*

YouTube: search engine: great for service-based providers to be seen and heard: coaches, speakers, teachers, trainers, etc…. People search How-To videos on these sites

Pinterest: search engine, people are looking for how to’s hear as well, research keywords and what users are searching for by typing your subject in the search bar and letting it auto-populate key phrases *10 pins per episode. *Business account so that you can track you analytics

The Podcast:
-Recorded on host platform and publishes on Thursdays

A graphic with the guest’s headshot & and a quote are shared on The Power Project IG with my saved hashtags: personal development, women in business, self love, general podcast promotion, etc (keep these in my notes)

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Those show notes are then copied and turned into a blog post on my website with the audio recording (SPREAKER) of the episode embedded in the blog post, publishes on Thursday.

The show notes are then shortened with key takeaways & turned into a newsletter (FloDesk) as well that is scheduled for Tuesday morning at 6:24 (best time to email in the morning & more emails are read on Tuesdays than Mondays). The newsletter has a link to iTunes episode & Spotify episode (people can listen on an iPhone or samsung/android). Newsletter readers are also pointed to my Facebook group: Power Squad where we can hang out and get to know each other better

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If my episodes are business related, I turn the blog into a LinkdIn article with the How-To steps included and circle readers back to the episode

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