Power Project Episode #87: The Power of a Responsible Mindset

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#87: Developing a Responsible Mindset
May is mental health awareness month, and I think it is so important to highlight the power of mindset. Today we are discussing Responsible Mindset vs Victim Mindset. How do we move from the place of being stuck to the place of growth? Ways to develop a responsibility mindset
A person with a responsibility mindset takes initiative and strives for growth. The responsible mindset is driven by an internal compass rather than an external force. Responsibility mindset chooses to eat healthy when no one is looking rather than binge on junkfood. A responsible mindset opts for a personal development book or podcast rather than binge watching NetFlix.
A responsible mindset is dependable and others can count on you, but also chooses to draw boundaries.
Victim Mentality:
Why does this keep happening to me?
If only I had_____. I could_____
Typically express feelings of sorrow, an overall sense of overwhelm, helplessness, defeatedness,
Looks for things to be better one day,
All personalities can fall victim to vicim mentality: feel life has dealt them an unfair hand, distrusting of others, see other’s growth as competition, become defensive easily, scarcity mentality, are manipulative, deceitful, over-inflate their importance, seek to be the center of attention, co-dependent, needy, want instant gratification, use others for their own agenda, indecisive, over-indulgent
Responsibility Mindset:
What action can I take to prevent this from happening?
I can do this______ in order to be able to have this______.
Expresses gratitude, optimism, contentedness, peace in the presence, hope for the future.
All personalities can have or develop a responsibility mindset: commitment to service, patience, and persistence, generous, giving, honest, exhibit self-control, fully embrace community and collaboration, appreciate strengths in others, recognize happiness as a choice, use powers for good, unselfish, make practical decisions rather than emotionally driven whims, practice moderation
15 Ways to Move from a Victim Mindset to a Responsible Mindset
Volunteer for opportunities outside of your comfort zone that you can learn fromSurround yourself with others that share the mindset and will encourage and push you in your growth.
Interrupt the “One Day” thought process. Self correct with Today I will_______
Allow yourself to be authentically vulnerable with those closest to you.
Journal what it is that you are truly experiencing. Not just emotions, but what is the process that you are walking through. Identify what you are most afraid of. Recognize how you are holding yourself back. Admit that you would rather be healthy than right.
View your mistakes as a lesson in growth rather than failures.
Accept constructive criticism. “Until we can receive what areas we lack in, we can not begin to grow in those areas.”
Communicate respectfully and directly with others. (don’t grumble behind their backs)
Shine the light on others. Celebrate their victories.
Realize that others successes do not diminish your potential.
“Realize that while your past has impacted you, it does not define you.” Stand in the present, acknowledge who you are today, and set your eyes on who you want to be in the future.
Listen to others.
Guard your mind. If you feel yourself being pulled into the black hole of someone else’s drama, physically and mentally remove yourself.
Adopt growth mentality: there is plenty of room at the table for all of us
Practice self control in in the small things. Do less of something each day.
“Acknowledge that who you are today does not determine who you will be in the future.”
What happens when we have moved into a responsible mindset but have left others behind? Sometimes, those still sitting in the victim mindset will choose not to grow with you, and in return can become an anchor. This is where you have to choose to enforce boundaries.
5 Ways to draw boundaries with a Responsible Mindset :
Learn to say no to obligations not serving your growth: Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should do it. Often times people will see your strength more accessible than it should be. If it’s not something aligned with your mission or contributing to your growth, you shouldn’t be doing it.
Allow others to take ownership. Don’t do it for them. You prevent them from growing when you do. They will ask you to do things for them rather than learning to do it for themselves.
Do not allow others not striving for growth to speak into your life.
Do not allow others to make you feel guilty about your own growth. Recognize that it is about their own mindset, insecurities, and self- belief.
Recognize people stuck in the victim mindset, and quit trying to make them responsible. Love them and leave them where they are. O

Brandi Voth

Brandi Voth

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