Power Project-Kyra Anachkova with A21: Turning a childhood dream into a lifetime of Purpose!

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This week, in honor of A21’s Walk For Freedom, I have the second interview of the week with an A21 staff member, Kyra Anachkova.

Kyra was a young girl from Alabama with a mission from an early age! At 14 years old she took her first mission trip to Russia which thus began a lifetime of serving God’s children and furthering the kingdom. She currently serves as A21’s Global Project Manager and shares with us how our support of A21 is helping support the survivors of Human Trafficking.

Kyra and I also dig a little into her biggest obstacles along her way, dreams for the future, and will to follow God’s call on her life.

I’m so thankful for the people that God keeps bringing into my life. I know you will be inspired and empowered by her journey!

For more information about A21, help getting out of human trafficking, or to register for the Walk For Freedom, go to www.a21.org.
To contact Kyra directly, you can email her at kyra.g@a21.org

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Brandi Voth

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