Power Project Podcast Episode #72: The Power of Self Love with Brandy Edwards

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The Power of Self Love with Brandy Edwards

In Episode #72, I sat down with Brandy Edwards, Empowerment Speaker, Founder of the Self Love Challenge, and self-proclaimed self-love expert. She taught us that self love is a choice and we get to choose to love and accept ourselves. She has early memories of struggling with self-worth, acceptance, and her physical appearance as a young child.
She shared with us how the women that we are surrounded with growing up have the impact of passing down insecurities and the lack of self-love is often times a learned behavior. As she began working with women as an empowerment speaker, she realized that she was not only teaching them self-love but also helping them work through pain from adolescence.
She shared with us her five steps to self love for teens:
5 Steps to Self-Love for Teens:
Identify your super power (what makes you unique?)
Layer on your confidence
Tone down your inner mean girl
Build yourself up as an individual
Create a positive space for brainstorming
She also shared the three steps she personally implements for the Self Love Challenge:
Realize self-love is a lifestyle and includes everything we choose to do and not do.
Make empowering choices.
Take care of yourself mentally: be kind to yourself and retrain your brain to come from a place of love.
Take care of yourself physically: move your body, make nourishing choices, accept your body for what it can do right now.
Choose to surround yourself with people that make you a better person
Brandy challenged our listeners to think about what it is about them that people have said was too much and reminds us to ask our selves what is the one thing that we want to accomplish. She left us with the thought that “It is never too late to start over. You can start over as many times as you want. You have to start somewhere to get anywhere and realize that there are so many ways to get better.”
You can find Brandy on Instagram @theselflove
And check out her website: www.selflovechallenge.com
For One-On-One coaching, email theselflovechallenge@gmail.com

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