In Episode# 65, I sit down with Annette Brechbill, military spouse, mom, entrepreneur, and global citizen.  Annette has a widely varied background in her career from working in the travel industry as a flight attendant to serving as a diplomat at the American Embassy in London, where she hosted 23 Secretary of State visits, the G8 Summit, NATO meetings, and multiple presidential visits.  While she found her passion in the networking and relationship building aspect of those careers, she realized that she enjoyed connecting people and meeting needs.  She has taken that passion and turned it into a career as a speaker’s agent where she is able to promote speakers and match the right speakers with the right audience.

Annette shares with us how Arianna Huffington and William McCraven were two of the most impactful speakers she has had the privilege of knowing and how she has a desire to bring the right people to the right stages to impact more lives.  Her vision for  building a speaker representation consultancy company was to be able to connect the right people who aligned with the way that she values business and making a positive impact in the world.  Annette first had the idea of building this company while watching a documentary about Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine.  She realized that while Dr. Dre was the artist, Jimmy Iovine was the force behind the artist that connected him with the right opportunities. I loved that this was her Ah-Ha moment when she knew that, much like Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, she too wanted to sell speakers, but a different kind all together!
“I didn’t want to be Dr. Dre, but I sure as heck wanted to be Jimmy Iovine.”
Annette shares her 3 tips with us for expanding how speakers can see the value in a speaking activity rather than just the income it generates.


  1. Look beyond the payment of a speech. Focus on the impact you can make on other’s lives with the message
  2. Connect with the audience on an emotional level in order to build community and broaden your reach.
  3. Identify how the experience will positively impact and further your mission or goal.

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Brandi Voth

Brandi Voth

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