Power Project #50: 50 Things I’ve Learned in 50 Episodes

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50 Things I’ve learned in 50 Episodes 

The Wifi will ALWAYS go out on recording day 

2. There are incredible women doing AMAZING THINGS ALL OVER THE WORLD! 

3. Women of all ages yearn to see other women walking in purpose, #45 Rita Bautista with Empowerment & All That , #43 Alice Edgerton & Karol Clark with Fulfilled after 50 Podcast , #37 Kaylin with Journey to You Podcast 

4. When women hear inspiring stories told by other women, they are motivated to create their own story. Kindra Hall #39 

5. Podcasting IS HARD & mostly thankless 

6. No matter where you are in the world, you can find someone that shares the same values as you. #7 Malina Enlund & #8 Krya Anachkova 

7. Virtual friends are the single greatest blessing of 2019 

8. Technology has empowered us to make a greater impact. 

9. Social media can be terrible, but it can also be beautiful! 

10. People want to bring about change, they just don’t know where to start. 

11. Show someone how to start, give them a little encouragement and your impact has become exponential. 12. We can talk about hard things and change stigmas about mental health: #19: Lyndsie’s Light, #36 Les Cross. 

13. Women everywhere struggle with “poser syndrome” 14. With Google & Jesus we can 100% do anything we set our mind to. 15. Women can be the most supportive people on the face of the planet 16. I don’t know jack about editing. 17. Garage band isn’t just for my kids to make funny noises on. 18. There is an entire world of people out there that totally understand audio editing, decibels, LUGS, and whatever else is involved for professional editors. 19. Professional podcasters (formerly radio) can get hung up on super minor details 20. People don’t care about quality nearly as much as content. 21. “Influencers” are normal people looking to make an impact and are genuinely honored when you reach out to them. 22. An overwhelming amount of people have never listened to a podcast. 23. An even greater number of people don’t understand what a podcast is. 24. And, most people that listen to podcasts still don’t know how to rate or write a review. WRITE A REVIEW PLEASE! 25. Focusing on ONE thing while wanting to do ALL the things is the greatest struggle for a 3 26. The Enneagram is LIFE! 27. You can find people online that align so closely with you that you think they are inside your head 28. We can disagree about many things and still have impactful conversations about the big ones. 29. A purpose-driven woman on a mission is unstoppable, #26 Donna Durham, #17 Kelly Welk, #5 Caroline Verver, 30. A book can be written in 90 days. 31. Having a mentor that has gone before you in every area of life is crucial 32. Your Purpose continues even after a loss : Episode 3 with Kristen Brown, #9: Kayla Eggenberger, #12: Tiffany Scott, #23: Heather Quisel 33. A woman that answers God’s call can have profound impact: Alicia Bush #14, Melissa Ice #27, Amy Hehre #47, #4 Jodie Webb, Amy Cassidy, 34. Married christian women enjoy an authentic conversation about being a freak in the sheets, #25 Heather McGilvray 35. We are all trying to survive this whole parenting thing: #31 with Demi Austin, #41 Parenting 101 36. It is never too early to start walking in purpose and following the call God has on your life. Kate Watson #15, Mattie Simmons #2 (neither were 18) 37. God truly can form beauty from ashes: Your Past doesn’t define you #33 Sandy Storm, Coach Nikki Foster 38. It’s okay to pivot in life when God calls you in a different direction: Natalie Wood #2, #13 Maria Elena Infantino 39. A COLLEGE DEGREE MEANS NOTHING: hard work and and determination goes further 40. A podcast is as good of a place as ever to share your voice with the world, but the truest platform we have all been given is our every day life. How do you show up? 41. When it comes down to fight or flight, do not underestimate a tiny blonde with a fierce loyalty to family, and penchant for Walking Dead: Terra Newell 42. We are all better together and can accomplish so much more when we realize there is room at the table for all of us. Collaboration over Competition: #46 Cause Pods 43. I really enjoy business coaching and marrying that with walking in purpose. Turns out, my audience digs it to. If you want more purposeful business coaching tips from me, check out the-powerproject.com/powerfulbusiness 44. A podcast is like any other business and will NOT grow itself. It require endless marketing and promotion in order to cast a wider net and REACH those God intends you to reach. Stop, take a screen shot right now. Post it on social media. Tag me. It’s our birthday!!! 45. Speaking of birthdays, you can throw a birthday party for a podcast. I’m doing it next week, be sure to tune in for the F

Brandi Voth

Brandi Voth

Hi! I'm, Brandi, founder of The Power Project, and I'm so glad you're here! I have this crazy belief that we can all do anything we set our minds to! Sometimes, you just need to hear it from a stranger on the internet. But, we're not strangers anymore. We're friends now. Welcome Friend! I hope you find some inspiration, encouragement, and empowerment here.

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