Power Project Episode #27: Growing Where God Plants You with Melissa Ice

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This week, we’re chatting with Melissa Ice, Founder & Executive Director of The Net and Worthy Co. The Net is a non-profit organization that began when a group of TCU college students started building relationships with people experiencing homelessness. The Net was then able to launch a social enterprise called Worthy Co. and employs women that are survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Melissa has been named in 25 Women to Watch by Women in Business Networking in 2016, was recently named Fort Worth Business Press 40 Under 40, and, she is also Fort Worth Magazine’s Editor’s Choice for Best Philanthropist in 2018.

This gal is a woman after my heart! She speaks to all the subjects that drive me! She talks about navigating the business side of a social enterprise that supports the non profit that she founded as well. Melissa is passionate about empowering and loving on God’s people in a way that looks like coming alongside them and simply saying “I see you.”

I could have spoken with her for three hours today because she’s one of those people whose energy just fuels my soul! I know you’re going to love hearing her story!

To learn more about The Net, you can check it out at www.thenetftw.com
For information about The Worthy Co check out www.worthy-co.com

Melissa’s newest campaign is The Worthy Co building which will house the social enterprise, a retail space, and a social candle-making studio. They have currently raised 33% of their goal for this campaign. To learn more or help support it, go to www.thenetftw.com/worthyco

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Brandi Voth

Brandi Voth

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