Power Project Episode #31: Parent Coaching with Demi Austin Thomas

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This week we have the honor of chatting with Demi Austin-Thomas, wife, mom, parenting coach, and TV personality. She brings a whirlwind of passion, excitement, and motivation to the subject of parenting. While balancing her career as a Certified Parent Coach and CEO of Bee Empowered Inc. Demi can be described as an edgy and contemporary trending mom with a contagious energy and a passion for healthy parenting.

She makes no apologies for her unconditional and intense tough love sessions with parents and their teens. Demi believes that there is no perfect guide on how to be the best parent. She believes parents can provide a relevant and direct approach to communicating by meeting your teen where they are emotionally and mentally without forfeiting the role as the parent. Her coaching techniques are old school with a redefined approach to cultivate families and bridge the gap between parents and teens. Her goal is to partner with parents and create effective strategies that provide practical and engaging family management solutions.

Demi and I will be speaking at the Bee Empowered Glow Girls’ Night Out event this weekend. For tickets go to www.glownightout.com

To hear more from Demi, you can find her at www.demiaustinthomas.com
Instagram: @demiaustinthomas
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DemiAustinThomas/

Brandi Voth

Brandi Voth

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