Power Project Episode #64: Faith Over Failure with Rachel Fesko

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In Episode #64, I sit down with Rachel Fesko, a full time working mom
who currently serves as a content manager at a software company
while simultaneously building her media company. She is passionate
about helping others not make the same mistakes she has along the
business path, and in her free time, she volunteers at her church.
Rachel and I discuss her two main focuses when it comes to business
and life, and the church.
1. Failure as an imperative growth tool
2. The Power of Obligation and how you can live your life free of other people’s
We discuss Rachel’s childhood growing up as a preacher’s kid and the pressure to look
right and act right that came along with that while she also shares with us her
experience in bible college, leaving a church, and going through a church split. She
took it to church in this episode sharing how people in the church tend to feel like they
have to have it all together and are never really allowed to just be themselves but that’s
not really who Jesus was. He was the leader that stooped down and stopped men
from stoning adulterous women. She talked about how she feels as if God is sparking
a revival and is not on the mission of a cruise ship but rather a rescue boat.
Rachel went on to discuss her failures in business and what she learned from them.
She gave us her Three Steps to Moving on in Business after failure:
3 Steps for Overcoming Failure in Business:
1. OWN IT: You have to own that you failed and pull yourself up from the boot straps.
Then you have to realize that failure is truly your most important growth tool.
• Meditate/Pray/Take a walk: think about why you failed
• Relaunch
• Different Industry
• Research Customers: Who are they, what do they want?
3. Launch your Product/Service in spite of previous failure
• Do it scared. “Listen through the fear”. You will never know what all the steps
are but you to take the first one.
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