Power Project Episode #71: Keeping Kids Safe Online with Titania Jordan *Trigger Warning*

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Titania Jordan, Chief Parenting Officer, Bark.US
*Trigger Warning*
In Episode #71, I had the opportunity to sit down with Titania Jordan of Bark.Us. IOf you’ve been with me for a minute over here, you know that I have been singing the praises of Bark from the rooftops. I am an avid supporter of this online monitoring app that helps keep track of what my kids are doing on their phones and the internet.
Titania and I discussed the intersection of her baptist background and tech career. She shared how the internet and world of tech breached the protective bubble that she had grown up in, forcing her to look at the world through a wider lens. She talked about her faith and realization that there are questions she will never have answers to.
At the core of the work she does every day, she sees the worst depravity one can imagine, but she teaches us that when you are faced with seeing bad things happen to children, you can either get bogged down by it, or let it fuel your desire to pursue the mission. As a survivor of childhood sexual assault, she holds this work as personal and shares with us that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before the age of 18. In order to change these numbers, we must shed light on it and fight it. Titania and her team are optimistic that they will make an impact and fight this tragedy.
Titania shared with us the importance to lead by example.
“Your kids are going to learn more by watching what you do than listening to you.”
And encourages us to take a look at our behavior. Just like we can ask our kids, Are you in control or is Fortnite, they can ask us, is Mom in control or is Instagram?
Things should know about our kids’ online activity:
There is no profile for predators. They can be the creepy guy in the basement or a trusted pubic servant.
Teach your kids to trust their gut. If it feels off, it’s off.
Your children’s social media accounts should be private, but know that when not monitored, they can change the setting.
Anyone anywhere in the world can video call your child on Instagram
Check your child’s location settings on Snapchat to ensure they are turned off. Otherwise anyone they are connected to can zoom in on the map and see minute details about their location.
Teach your children that the amount of followers does not dictate their worth as a human
If your children have unfettered access to content that allows pornographic material on its platform, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when they will encounter porn.

Titania gives us tips for teaching our kids Safer Online Practices:
Decide as a parent when your child is ready for social media.
Discuss issues with your child that may lead to unhealthy online practices: Do they have FOMO *fear of missing out* or do they suffer from body issues?
Explain to your child why you are hesitant. Discuss the lurking dangers, Help them understand.

Titania ends with reminding us of this one simple fact: “It’s your job to keep them (your kids) safe on this planet: in real life and now in their digital lives.”
Go get this book to discuss porn and sex with your kids: “Good Pictures, Bad Pictures”
Go Join this Facebook group ASAO! Parenting in a Tech World
Connect with Titania on
IG, FB, Twitter: @titaniajordan
Don’t waste another second, sign up for the Bark monitoring app now and rest easier knowing that your kid is experiencing a safer online experience. Click this link and save 15% http://bark.us/?ref=powerproject or simply go to bark.us and enter code powerproject.
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