Power Project Episode #86: Tamra Andres: Fit In Faith

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In Episode #86, I sit down with Tamra Andres, Minster, Personal Coach, & Host of The Fit In Faith Podcast
She and I discuss the importance of persistence in life and our walk with God leading to patience. We discussed how persistence at this time is an important reminder for us to trust God’s plan for our lives in spite of the times we’re walking through.
Tamra shared 3 ways that we can all stay persistent in faith in times of uncertainty:
Let go of the expectations that we had for our plans.
Believe in what God has actually planned for us.
Stay rooted in the truth and knowledge of what he has already promised for us.
During The Great Pause, Tamra has used this as a season of intentionality and encourages us all to dig deep into who we were created to be.
Tamra shares with us how in her personal coaching sessions, reminds her students whose they are and helps them apply tangible resources for aligning their mind, body, & soul to fulfill their purpose.
Tamra and I discuss the intersection of faith and self love. She shared with us her beliefs about Self Love. “Self love is an ability to operate only out of overflow. God is there in that overflow moment. But if you don’t reach for it, you are going to be starved.”
When asked what she wanted our audience to know it’s this: “You’re ready. The lie you’re telling yourself is that I’m not ready. But you are ready. You were born ready. God has perfectly timed this moment of your life where the passion is boiling inside. You’re a little bit nervous. You are a little fearful. He’s already utilized the highs and lows to get you to where you can say yes. So, all you have to do is release the fear and say yes because he has already equipped you. You don’t need a certification. You don’t need a degree. You don’t need to invest in another program that you don’t know what is going to come from it. You need to lean in. You already have your purpose.”
Follow Tamra over on IG @tamra.andress or @fitinfaith_podcast
Check out everything she has going on at www.tamraandress.com
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Brandi Voth

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