The Power of Textual Criticism with Nika Spaulding and Brandi Voth

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In episode #107, Brandi sat down with Nike Spaulding as they discussed textual criticism.
Nika is a proud graduate of both the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s in Zoology and Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master’s of Theology. God has given her the privilege of planting a church in Oak Cliff called St Jude Oak Cliff, and she loves her role as the Resident Theologian.

When she’s not cheering on her Sooners, playing with her cat Clive, or enjoying a good meal with her friends, she’s probably sneaking off to Oklahoma to snuggle with her favorite humans: her nieces and nephew.

Nika and Brandi spent some time nerding out over the Bible as she explained how we ended up with a bible. She answers her the question “Can we trust the Bible?” We discuss how no other piece of literature is this well preserved, and despite man’s fallibility of mistranslating a few different words of the Bible, there is no discrepancy in the actual gospel.

Our favorite takeaway was learning that The bible is the #1 selling book each year.

Nika leaves with us an excerpt from John 5 as Jesus is talking to religious pharisees who are experts of the scriptures:
“You search the scriptures because in them you think you find eternal life, but I’m telling you they testify about me.”
She shares that this is Jesus telling us , “that the Bible is not another task that is put on Christians to do. It is the Narnian wardrobe into Who God is, and as you search it, you will find that you encounter a God who loves you more than you can fathom, is more Good than you can understand, and has more in store for you than you can imagine.”

Resources that Nika recommends in this episode are
The Message Bible

The Bible Project podcast and YouTube

God on Tap Podcast

You can follow Nika Spaulding on IG @nikaadidas

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