In Episode #68, I sit down with Lieutenant Kellie Hall as we discuss what makes us powerful as women.  Kellie is serving active duty and is a top recruiter in the US Navy.  She is not only a woman serving a male dominated leadership role, but she is also a model, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and is competing in the Miss California competition at the end of this month.

​The roles that Kellie has found herself in place her in the juxtaposition of femininity and leadership and have helped her create the platform that drives her two part mission in life:
  1.  Empowering and helping women find their power
    2.  Shattering the sterotype of people’s expectations. 

Growing up, Kellie was a cheerleader, dancer, did track and field and never saw herself in the navy but did dream of being in the senate.  Inevitably, she chose the navy because of the personal challenge it presented to her.
“If something is scary, I go for it because that allows the most growth.”
Kellie shares how in the beginning of her naval career, people wanted to put her in a box telling her not to wear make up because she wouldn’t be taken seriously in her career.  She faced the same push back when she decided on a whim to try out for the Miss Ohio America Competition.  Once again, she saw this as a challenge, but also as a way to connect with likeminded women.  She tells us how she had fallen into these positions along her journey but knew that God had pushed her to take action along the path.
“I did not recognize that I was powerful or how to use that power.  I kept falling into these areas, and when people told me not to do it, I just said Why Not?..”  She suddenly realized that power is not determined by your stature but in the delivery of your message.

Kellie says that people can’t be empowered until they know what makes them powerful which is exactly why she has created a three step process for unlocking the power within:
Three Steps to Unlocking the Power Within: 

  1. Find the Passion
  2. Protect the Power
  3. Find a Mentor

Kellie leaves us with her definition of POWER:  Utilizing skills and gifts that are given to you by God.  

Man!  What a POWERFUL episode!  If you enjoyed it as much as I did, please go write a review now and tell Kellie exactly how much you enjoyed the show!
Also, tune in Jan. 23-26 to watch Kellie compete in the Miss California USA competition.

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Brandi Voth

Brandi Voth

Hi! I'm, Brandi, founder of The Power Project, and I'm so glad you're here! I have this crazy belief that we can all do anything we set our minds to! Sometimes, you just need to hear it from a stranger on the internet. But, we're not strangers anymore. We're friends now. Welcome Friend! I hope you find some inspiration, encouragement, and empowerment here.

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